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We automate the carbon accounting and disclosure process so you can focus on what matters – carbon reduction efforts.


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Automated Carbon Accounting and Due Diligence Solution

Pantas automates carbon accounting and climate disclosures for corporations. With Pantas, companies can accurately measure, manage and report their carbon emissions based on international standards. Pantas also provides access to green investment and financing with partner banks.

Pantas offers due diligence tool for financial institutions and institutional investors to manage risks and avoid companies with errors in climate reporting and potential allegations of greenwashing.

We firmly believe in "what gets measured, gets managed". Our mission is to enhance the mobilization of green capital to assist in the transition to the low carbon economy via accurate and transparent carbon reporting and management.

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Seamlessly gather data and measure your company's carbon emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3 with minimal manual intervention.


Easily access emissions reduction solutions and suggestions devised by the climate experts at UKM & Pantas solution partners.


Securely share and disclose carbon emissions data and audit-quality reports with internal and external stakeholders.

Why us?

Boost your company's competitive advantage and be ahead of current and upcoming environmental regulations.
Maximise shareholder value and boost your company's stock price by accessing green investments and financing.
Improve your company's reputation and climate disclosure score with international climate organizations such as CDP and SBTi.
Easily calculate your company's greenhouse gas emissions without the learning curve and change in business workflow.

Pantas' net-zero strategy

We've set a science-based target

Every company can make a difference in fighting climate change.

Pantas wants to lead by example by reducing the negative climate impact of our operations. Therefore, Pantas has committed to reduce our absolute emissions by 38% by 2030 from a 2021 base year and has also committed to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain by 2033.

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If your company is committed to sustainability and fighting climate change, our solutions will assist you in your carbon accounting and emissions reduction efforts as well as gaining the international recognition it deserves.

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